Loire. It is believed that the fire in the Mervil Creation Factory is of criminal origin


The fire that devastated part of Création Mervils 3,400 m² factory during the night from Saturday to Sunday is of criminal origin and the Roanne Public Prosecutors Office confirmed this Friday morning.

“The forensic fire expert I appointed came this Thursday. For him, the fire could only take place thanks to human intervention. It is therefore of criminal origin. The burned part therefore remains under lock and key so that other examinations, especially samples, can be taken, ”explains the judge, who opened a judicial investigation on Sunday, a few hours after the incident.

The fabric supplies planned for the next French pajama collection went up in smoke

As a reminder, the factory had closed its doors at the end of the day on Friday evening, so there was no activity in the hours before the disaster. However, the anti-intrusion alarm went off on Saturday evening. We now know that there is therefore a connection with the beginning of the fire.

It was police who sounded the alarm around 10:30 p.m. after flames came from the roof of this factory in Impasse Fontval in the lower part of the suburb of Clermont. About forty firefighters were mobilized to fight the fire. Their efforts made it possible to save part of the factory, particularly the administrative and IT departments.

On the other hand, the fabric supplies planned for the next collection of French pajamas had gone up in smoke in the fire. The day after the disaster, Jean-Yves and Christian Cane announced that they would resume their activities in a room in Riorges, in particular to ship the items they make under other brands and which are made in Tunisia in particular.