A delivery platform created 4,500 CDI


Why is that important?

The recent announcement that Just Eat is hiring 4,500 delivery workers on perpetual contracts makes other meal delivery platforms skeptical that advocate the use of freelancers, but welcomes the delivery workers representatives who are satisfied that wage employment is in the sector 'is possible .

'We appreciate the courage to make this choice because it is not a small box either, but it can be a bit early to cut up the champagne,' notes Jérôme Pimot, spokesman for the Collectif des livreurs autonomes. Parisian (Clap), usually very critical of the social model of food delivery applications.

“This definitely proves that its possible to have employees, which the platforms have always rejected,” he adds.

What will change for deliverers

The Anglo-Dutch group Just Eat Takeaway announced last summer that it wanted to end precarious contracts. In France, unlike its competitors (Deliveroo or Uber Eats), the group did not use independent delivery agents: it relied on those from the restaurants it had worked with or placed orders with the Stuart company.

With immediate effect, 4,500 deliverers work for the company with contracts between 10 and 35 hours per week for a gross salary of 10.30 euros per hour.

“This model is already available in 12 countries,” explains Meleyne Rabot, Managing Director of Just Eat France. “We employ 22,000 paid delivery staff worldwide.” She ensures that 400 have already been hired in Paris. 'It is the groups desire to position itself for a more responsible alternative to delivery,' says Ms. Rabot.

The door to social dialogue?

For Arthur Hay, secretary of the CGT Bicycle Couriers Union in Gironde, this is a simple 'announcement effect' and 'in the world of delivery people everyone is wondering what the working conditions will be like'. 'The fact that the platform pays its share of the fee is already a victory for us,' he says happily.

'It shows that a balance of power has been established,' says Ludovic Rioux, secretary of the CGT delivery workers union in Lyon, who has just signed a 10-hour contract with Just Eat.
'If a box with 4,500 employees is set up tomorrow, it is important that we are there,' he proclaims, adding that '10.30 euros per hour plus bonuses are no wonder, but for unskilled work there is worse '.

At the moment, social dialogue on platforms that do not have union representation is more than it is in its infancy. One possibility that does not frighten Meleyne Rabot: 'Employees are free to join a union, we know that in other countries.'

Skeptical competitors

Skepticism dominates the competition. 'In other European markets, I believe that there is no evidence that they will have a straitjacket that offers much less flexibility,' notes a manager of a large company in the industry.

'Me, I say good luck to you and Ill see you in a year,' said Hervé Novelli, President of the Association of Independent Platforms (API), a platform lobby. 'But honestly, I dont think anyone else will think about paid work because nobody in the world has chosen this model,' he notes.