“Wine shouldnt be stigmatized!


Following the announcements made by the President of the Republic regarding alcohol, a risk factor for the development of cancer, Bernard Perrut, MP who shares his concern about 'preventing excesses and better helping people with dependency to get out of it', says astonished Emmanuel Macrons desire to 'provide benchmarks that are both more visible and readable for consumers for each product,' he explains in a press release.

For the MEP: “We must first differentiate between wine and strong spirits and not stigmatize wine that has been consumed significantly for several years. I cannot imagine an additional label on the bottles and I remember the measures taken by the wine profession and gastronomy in favor of moderate and responsible consumption. Promoting good consumption practices is essential, especially for young people, and I call for a balanced compromise between preventing risky behavior and maintaining a responsible consumption model for our French wines, which we are proud of here in Beaujolais as elsewhere because they express ourselves Traditions and our terroirs, a great know-how and our culture. '