Unusual. Londons Tightest House for sale for € 1 million


1.80 meters. This is the exact width of this West London house that is considered 'probably the narrowest in London' by its real estate agent.

According to the Business Insider website, this five-story blue house that sold for $ 1 million was once a hat shop. In the 1990s, it was converted into a 96 m² apartment by the German fashion photographer Jürgen Teller.

A roof terrace and an inner garden

This rather eccentric house has an original facade where we can even see a shadow in the shape of a melon.

You can discover the inside with a virtual tour of the real estate agency Winkwoth. The bespoke layout offers incredible spaces. A living room, two bedrooms, an office, a bathroom ... but above all a roof terrace and an inner garden with a diameter of 3 meters!

The real estate ad posted on the UK agencys website temptingly states: 'Despite its oddity on the surface, it (the house) is indeed very loose'. On the flip side, 'If you like traditional properties that meet all of the criteria, theres a good chance they arent for you.'

The good definitely attracted actor Simon Woods, best known for his role on the Pride and Prejudice series. He lived there between 2006 and 2008.