Tarare Est junction number 35 will be closed on the night of February 9th to 10th


Vinci Autouroutes will carry out development work on Tarare Est transport hub number 35, a press release from Vinci Autoroutes announced.

This work will take place on the night of Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th February from 9pm to 6pm the next day.

They require the motorway junction to be closed and detour routes to be set up for vehicles wishing to take the motorway towards Lyon and those wishing to exit the A89 towards Clermont-Ferrand.

Detour routes set up

Closing of the Tarare Est exit from Lyon: drivers must get off at 36 Fleurieux-sur-lArbresle and then follow route S22 on national road 7 towards Tarare and Roanne.

Closure of the entrance to the A89 in the direction of Lyon: Drivers can enter the motorway at the Fleurieux-sur-lArbresle motorway junction on the S21 motorway via national road 7, according to the press release.