the second life of rubble


The demolition of a house or building, the repair of a street produce a very large amount of inert materials. The Eurovia companys Fillot site in the communes of Pierre-Bénite and Irigny receives them, sorts them and then recycles them in the form of aggregates. 1,000 tons of material are unloaded here every day, 250,000 tons are recovered every year.

Once recycled, they are reused in the construction of buildings, structures and roads. Eurovia, one of the leading French aggregates manufacturers, launches its new Granulat + brand, which will be used in 130 locations across France, including Pierre-Bénites.

The idea is to ensure a quality level and an adequate network to be integrated into a short circuit logic. The waste that is brought to the Pierre-Bénite site comes from construction sites in the Lyoner Krone.

Once they have been recycled into aggregates, they are reused within the same scope.