Swear. The shepherdess of bees, multiple awards for her honey 2020


Brigitte Bonnot, beekeeper in Saint-Didier, smiled broadly as she presented her honeys, which were awarded four gold medals (dandelion, all flowers, forest and dark mountain) and one silver medal (acacia) in the regional agriculture competition of the Chamber of Besançon. the group of regional producers and the association for the development of beekeeping in Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

Recognition of the profession

Therefore, after an analysis by the Port-Lesney Honey Expert Laboratory, it is a great reward for the beekeeper and recognition of a whole year of hard work to harvest honey of the highest quality.

Physics laboratory

Brigitte Bonnot connects with this success all farmers who grant her the right to place their beehives on mountain meadows near hedges and forests, mainly between 600 and 1,200 meters above sea level. Brigitte Bonnot adds that 'thanks to the variety of flowers and the preservation of biological diversity by these Jura farmers, good honey is also the guarantee for good cheese'.

She is also happy about this recognition of the profession. 'It is a physical task to transport the beehives and supers, prepare the pots during delivery,' she points out. And if the harvest takes place from April to mid-July (especially for acacia, dandelion, flower, forest and fir honey), bees need attention in winter to feed themselves. And fear at all times remains the scourge of the Asian hornets, which colonize the entire area, destroy and disturb the bees by entering the beehives.

Its products are for sale directly and in a dozen shops in the Jura and Doubs.

Contact Brigitte Bonnot: by email at [email protected] or on 06/25/03/01/70.