Ain. Stores authorized to open the last two Sundays of sale


The Prefect of Ain, in a decree issued on Wednesday 3rd February and after consulting the social partners, the elected representatives of Ain and the consular chambers, renewed the authorization to open voluntary shops for the last two Sundays of sales on the 7th and 14th February.

'To support business,' she had already approved the opening of stores on the first two Sundays, January 24th and 31st.

'Expand store opening spaces'

For Catherine de La Robertie there are two goals: 'Firstly, this period of warehouse disposal accounts for a significant part of the turnover of many stores. In view of the curfew from 6 p.m., the opening of the entire department will be expanded End of the day, during the week and on Saturdays limit. '

As a reminder, this option offered to traders in no way exempts employers from complying with labor law:

- The requested employees cannot therefore be forced to work on Sundays.

- The maximum number of weekly working hours must be adhered to.

- they should be offered weekly rest on a different weekday,

- The employees concerned must also be paid at a higher rate on Sundays.

As a reminder, all companies are subject to a strict health protocol that has been tightened following the Prime Ministers announcements on Friday January 29th.

For this weekend of February 6th and 7th, a mobilization of the police was requested to carry out numerous checks and to ensure compliance with the various instructions.