three students from Ressins High School with the regional Ovinpiades


Also this year, Ressins High School will have representatives at the Ovinpiades des Jeunes Bergers, which will take place on Thursday 4th February in Brussieu and Saint-Laurent-de-Chamousset.

While three in ten French consider the sheep breeding profession to be the most attractive of the breeding professions, the industry is looking for the sheep breeding of tomorrow, as more than one in two sheep farmers will retire in the coming years.

Alexis Pasquier, Gabriel Marquet and Bruno Madet will be the representatives of Ressins.

Alexis lives in Veauche, he is trained in Ressins in BTS ACSE, his mother is a sheep farmer and he plans to settle with her at the end of his studies. 'This is my second year running in this competition and I intend to have an excellent performance. I will do everything I can,'

Gabriel is in BTS PA and lives in Saint-Héand. His parents do not come from agriculture, but his uncle is a farmer and raises dairy cows. “At the end of my BTS, I want to settle down with my uncle and process milk. This is my fourth time in the Ovinpiades and I want to be on the podium. ''

Bruno lives in the village of Deux-Chaises in the Allier department. His parents are farmers and breeders of cows and sheep and he is in the Terminale STAV class. “I would like to settle down with my parents at the end of my school career. Taking over the family farm is very important to me. This is my first time to take part in these Ovinpiades and I hope Im fine. '