Some remain open, but the Carré de Soie has to close


Like many other large shopping centers, the Carré de Soie was supposed to have its last opening day on Saturday 30th January. On Sunday January 31st, an info alert posted on Facebook announced the opening of the Vaulx-en-Velin shopping center. Bruno Le Maire, who took up the details of the Minister of Economics, said on Saturday: 'Business parks, business parks and branded villages where public transport takes place between outdoor shops are not affected and can remain open.'

Shops closed inside

Do you really have the right to open? It is difficult to have a clear opinion on this issue at the moment, but the Carré de Soies interpretation, which is not meaningless while not very 'Covid compatible', could be in the word 'outside': it would be certain deals Allowing to open, unlike the shops on Part-Dieu, mostly located indoors.

The Carré de Soie is affected by the closure

On the prefectures side, the answer is firm: “The Carré de Soie is severely affected by the closure of shopping centers. It is neither a commercial park nor a commercial park or a branded village as the Carré de Soie is classified as an ERP shopping center (publicly accessible facility). The prefectural services will contact the center on Monday evening to organize this closure. ''

Confluence provides the list of open deals

The semi-open Confluence mall announced the list of its eligible stores this Monday February 1st: the Carrefour hypermarket, the Voisin chocolate maker, the La Maison Bleue daycare center and some of the restaurants that offer home delivery.

“Closed companies do not have the option to click on an order and pick it up or withdraw it. For restaurants, only home delivery is possible, ”says the shopping center in the 2nd arrondissement, as stated in the decree and in the minister.