Covid19. Ikea, Fnac, Décathlon ... which supermarkets have to close?


Gone are the days of 'essential' and 'non-essential' businesses. On paper, the restrictions on opening companies to fight the Covid-19 epidemic are clearer: according to the announcement by Jean Castex Friday 'non-food shopping' centers with an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, that is, those who the encourage greatest mixing of populations must be closed.

In fact, the measure is also suitable for many discussions and negotiations. On Saturday, after a meeting with the sector, the government made it clear that 400 commercial zones are affected in France: not just 'shopping centers', as originally announced, but also locations occupied by a single commercial, such as Ikea saves. Conversely, shopping areas or branded villages, where the public can move between shops outside, remain open.

On Sunday, the Prime Ministers decree clarified things further: the 20,000 square meters take into account the total area of ​​the store, not just the retail space. This particularly includes offices or logistics areas and penalizes more business.

Which supermarkets, with the exception of supermarkets and hypermarkets, can remain open under these conditions? We take stock this Monday, sign by sign.

On Sunday, the Swedish furniture and home furnishings brand, most of whose stores are over 20,000 square meters, announced the closure of around thirty stores in France: 'According to the latest government announcements, we will have to close everyones doors from Sunday, January 31, 2021 Closing our stores With the exception of our store in Vélizy (Yvelines) and the design workshop in Nice, 'we can read on his Facebook page that links to his online store.

The FNAC has also closed around thirty shops, mainly represented in shopping centers: Avignon Le Pontet, Bordeaux Lac, Quimper, Annemasse, Besançon, Saint-Genis-Laval, Meaux, Montpellier, Labège, Toulon, Marseille Valentine, Marseille, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, Saint-Étienne, Lyon Part-Dieu, Grenoble GrandPlace, Vélizy, Val dEurope, Parly 2, Rosny 2, Créteil, Noisy-le-Grand, Évry, Parinor, La Défense, Boulogne, Cergy, Forum, Italy 2, Beaugrenelle, Rennes and Le Havre. All others remain open.

On its Facebook page, the other cultural brand announces the closure of 13 shops across France: Les 4 Temps (La Défense), Belle Épine, B2 Collégien, Paris La Villette, Barentin, St-Malo, St-Grégoire, Brest, Anglet , Bayonne, Lescar, Fenouillet and Béziers. The others remain open.

The 'department stores' have announced the closure of 10 of their businesses: Paris Haussmann, Avignon, Nizza Cap 3000, Carré Sénart, Marseille Bourse, Montpellier, Lyon Part-Dieu, Rosny, BHV Marais and BHV Parly 2.

The other 'department store' closes 10 of its stores until further notice: Printemps Haussmann, Italy, Vélizy, Parly, Toulon, Marseille La Valentine, Marseille Terrassen du Port and Rennes Alma as well as the shops Citadium Toulon and Marseille Terrassen.

'According to the latest announcements, most of our stores will remain open,' announces Frances most popular sports brand. And points to his search engine for information. The sign indicates that 14 of its stores are closed.

The other sports brand announced that 42 of their stores would remain open. The shops open as follows: Agen, Albi,
Ales, Angoulême, Annecy Bonlieu, Annecy Epagny, Annemasse, Avignon Le Pontet, Belfort Andelnans, Besançon, Blois, Bordeaux Bègles 2, Bordeaux Ste-Catherine, Carré Sénart, Chalon-sur-Saône, Chambéry Chamnord, Évreux, Fréjus Grenoble Comboire, Grenoble Kstore, Le Mans, Lorient, Marseille la Valentine, Montélimar, Montpellier Polygone, Nantes, Neydens, Nice, Paris One Nation, Orgeval, Orléans, Paris République, Périgueux, Poitiers, Rodez, Roques-sur-Garonne, Saint- Denis, Saint-Etienne Monthieu, Valence, Vannes and Vesoul.

'All of our stores will remain open,' announces the DIY brand on its website.

The same formula: 'All our stores will remain open', announces the DIY and Gardening brand on their website.