The gatekeepers house is destroyed, part of the inheritance disappears


André Michaud, a career as a railroad worker

André Michaud lived in the small house on the edge of the level crossing from the age of 4 to 20, his mother Lucette was the gatekeeper and his father Félix worked as a brigade leader on the maintenance of the tracks.

He first attended the village school, then the apprenticeship center (later LP Bérard) in Ambérieu-en-Bugey in order to pass the CAP of a fitter. After his military service, he took a year-long course to prepare for the electrician exam he passed. He then spends his entire career in the depot of the station, driving all kinds of trains, passengers and goods.

He remembers the daily life of the railway workers, their working conditions with staggered schedules and Sundays and public holidays that were sometimes spent in the depots in Modane or Avignon. In the dormitories of the station, the train traffic did not bother him at night because he had grown up close to the railroad tracks.

Retired twenty years ago, he lives on Route de Cleyzieu 107 not far from 36, where he lived in his youth.