Economy. A Carrefour store targeted by activists fighting precariousness


About sixty people claiming to be 'militants fighting precariousness' grabbed basic necessities to the detriment of a Carrefour store in Paris 13th arrondissement on Saturday.

According to confirmatory sources, people posing as activists unfolded a banner before entering the store just before 11 a.m. and taking important products off the shelves.

After the negotiations, the store left her with shopping trolleys full of groceries and hygiene products before the police, who did identity checks.

The branch manager pointed out 'moments of tension' and regretted the endangerment of his customers. 'Carrefour is investigating the legal follow-up,' said a spokesman for the sign.

'We deeply regret such acts'

The shop was then closed for an hour to allow the staff to come to their senses. 'We are a collective of people in precariousness who are invested in solidarity, and we have decided to carry out this political action to warn of the social crisis,' said Mafalda *, one of the people present in the sign.

'We deeply regret such actions that have aroused great emotions among our customers, and we welcome the professionalism of our teams, who have managed to avoid confrontations and quietly close the store,' said the Carrefour Groups spokesman.

Louisa *, another “activist” present, defended “an absolutely non-violent action” and affirmed that the products would be passed on to people in precarious situations “especially to single mothers, canteens and students”. 'This is not a one-off action, but a public call to denounce the social crisis,' she argued. 'The state does nothing for precarious people, we take action.'

* The first names were changed at the request of 'activists' in order to preserve their anonymity.