You need to make an appointment in the basements


We have to organize ourselves in order to use the 2014 vintage. This year the breakthrough in its usual form will not take place. This is due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Nevertheless, the winemakers wanted to mark the occasion. About twenty of them will open their doors to welcome lovers of yellow wine.

Respect barrier gestures

'But you have to make an appointment in advance by phone to reserve a tasting spot,' says Benoît Sermier, the youngest president of La Percée, which would normally take place in Cramans this year. At the same time, this prevents too much traffic and thus respects the barrier gestures. Some basements are afraid of not being able to organize themselves when there is too much traffic. That is why it is important to warn of his coming. '

After a year-long hiatus in 2017 to reinvent itself, this is the only time in its history that the big event in the Jura wine world has been canceled in its normal form. In addition to the open doors of these twenty properties, two events remain: the clavelinage and the auction.

The auction at the Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans

The Clavelinage, the breakthrough competition in which the best yellow wines are awarded, takes place on Friday 5th February in the premises of the Jura Chamber of Agriculture in Lons-le-Saunier. 50 samples of the different yellow wine AOCs will compete for a medal.

Another highlight of the breakthrough is the auction, which will take place well this year. But it will take place on March 13th and not the first weekend in February as usual.

'We organize it in the royal salt pans of Arc-et-Senans,' says Benoît Sermier. We will be able to accommodate a minimum of people and the setting is exceptional. '

On this day 180 samples will be offered. It can also be followed live on the auctioneers website. In addition, many 18 bottles are offered for sale, which are rewarded when attached. The collected amount will be donated to a charity.

29 open domains

Arlay Castle

Domaine Jean Bourdy

Domaine Baud

Domaine Pierre Richard

Byards Vault

Fruit from Voiteur

The rose house

Grand Estate

Domaine Philippe Vandelle

Belemnites domain

Domaine Jacques Tissot - Arbois

Gerard servant

Arbois wine region

Pupillin fruit farm

Tiercelines cellar

Domaine Désiré Petit

Domaine Ryon Jean-François

Domaine de Sainte Marie

Domaine de Lahaye

Christophe Perrin

Domaine Michel Thibaut

Domain Rolet

Amelia Guillot

Maison du Vigneron (only on Saturdays)

Domaine de Savagny (only on Saturdays)

Noir Frères (only on Saturdays)

Domaine Martin Faudot (only on Saturdays)

Domaine Les Sarmentelles (only on Saturdays)

André Bonnot (only on Saturday morning)