The village affected by the closings?


Will close, wont close? The management of The Village in Villefontaine is advancing in the fog after the government announced the closure of non-food shopping centers with an area of ​​over 20,000 m².

If the area of ​​the center is 22,000 m2, one hope remains: 'Parts of phases 2 and 3 of the development of The Village have not been completed, which means that our area does not exceed 18,000 m2,' confided Philippe Journo. the CEO to our colleagues at Dauphiné Libéré.

In this case the brand village could remain open.

The blurring

Especially since nobody knows yet whether the already closed surface of the restaurants should be removed from the total number. The blurring is total at the moment, but the prefecture should give clues later on Saturday January 30th.