Several hundred opponents were mobilized in France


Hundreds of activists gathered in several cities in France this Saturday morning to protest against Amazon, especially near Pont-du-Gard, where the American mail order giant is planning to install a 38,000 m2 warehouse.

At the call of associations fighting against this project in the town of Fournès (Gard) near the world heritage site, the gendarmes say around 800 people to 'at least 1,000' people, according to the organizers. on which 'Stop Amazon' says: 'Neither here nor anywhere'.

They also formed a human chain to show the impact of the proposed project along the A9 motorway on 14 hectares. Multi-colored balloons floating at a height of 18 meters showed their height, which corresponds to a five-story building.

According to the organizers, around 200 people took part in a rally in Carquefou in the suburbs of Nantes in front of an Amazon logistics warehouse on Saturday morning.

Precarious jobs that make you sick

'We condemn the fact that Amazon is destroying more jobs than it is creating and that these are precarious jobs that make people sick, especially with regard to musculoskeletal disorders,' said Sophie Jallier, spokeswoman for the collective for the event.

Amazon, tax vampire

In Ensisheim am Haut-Rhin, a demonstration brought together a hundred people against the building of a huge warehouse on a plot of more than 15 hectares of former agricultural land. 'Amazon, Vampire Fiscal', 'Stop Amazon', 'No mega-warehouse, neither here nor anywhere', the banners proclaimed.

A system that is wearing down the planet

'Today we denounce an economic system that is running out of steam and wearing down the planet. It forces us to change our way of life and think about more resilient operations,' said Isabelle Schaeffer, a member of the Urgence Network. Climate and Social and Southern Alsace (Rucssa).

In Augny on the Moselle, around fifty people gathered at a roundabout in front of the site of the former Frescaty air force base, which is said to be an Amazon site.

'We recognize that we are against a project that has already started and that is likely to see the light of day, but we believe there is still time to fight it and consider moving the site.' , commented Charlotte Leduc. Activist Attac Moselle and member of the Stop Amazon Augny collective.