Loire. A demonstration on Sunday to reopen the Boën-Thiers railway line


“We have more and more allies, both at the population level and among elected officials. With these words, Karine Legrand, one of the coordinators of the movement that wants the Boën-Thiers railway to reopen, wants to put additional pressure on those who do not go in that direction. With this campaign, the collective wants to show that the bus system currently in existence between Boën and Thiers is not suitable for everyday use. 'On Sunday we want people to come with bulky things,' she says. And we will show that it is hardly possible to ride the bus by bike. ''

The collective that the region received next week

This action takes place three months after an initial rally that took place along the extinct line. Between 150 and 200 people then expressed their desire to put this area back into operation. According to the collective, they have since been followed by local councils, intercommunalities and the departmental councils of the Loire and Puy-de-Dôme, who have accepted all wishes in this direction.

'We do not understand that cities like Noirétable and Thiers are retained in national development programs and that the road section remains closed,' Karine Marchand is surprised. Its inconsistent. Just as she does not understand that we are not taking into account the interest of the population in operating the line. 'It could have been included in the planning contract for the 2020-2025 region,' she adds. Thats not the case. We have between six and nine months to find a solution. ''

In the region, the vice-president responsible for transport stated that the plan contract was not fully concluded and that she would receive the collective next week.