A decision that was not the subject of a previous consultation


The National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC) responded on Friday evening to the Prime Ministers announcement that non-food shopping centers larger than 20,000 square meters would be closing on Sunday.

A unilateral decision which he regrets our colleagues from LSA-Magazin: 'It was not the subject of a prior consultation which was announced within 48 hours when it came into effect and which is very imprecise in terms of its scope.' Application '.

The CNCC is therefore asking you to clarify the term 'non-food shopping center with more than 20,000 m²' used by Jean Castex in his speech.

A meeting this Saturday

'Are these centers that do not contain a large or medium food surface area? Should a center with such a surface area be subtracted from the total surface area? Is it to be understood that this 20,000 m² does not understand that the surface area is accessible to consumers?'

Many questions therefore currently remain unanswered.

A conference call with the Minister for Economic Affairs Bruno Le Maire and the Minister responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises Alain Griset is planned for Saturday.

According to the LSA magazine database, more than 228 shopping centers in France have an area of ​​more than 20,000 m² (out of the 835 shopping centers in France).