The group promoting wellbeing at work has record sales


At LDLC, one of the most important e-commerce companies in the IT and high-tech market with headquarters in Limonest, management seems to bear fruit through trust. Not so long ago, the group switched to the 32-hour week and confirmed “indefinite leave,” which means the employee takes whatever number of days off they deem necessary to be comfortable at work. In addition, the annual salary increases and the promise of future hires remain.

Stock market record

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the increasing number of employer and ministerial regulations on work, these initiatives, run by boss Laurent de la Clergerie and welcomed by the companys union representatives, could seem insane if they werent going to go insane supported by a strong financial balance sheet.

At the end of the first nine months of the 2020-2021 financial year, the LDLC Group achieved record sales of 542.1 million euros, an increase of 45.5{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118}, 'which has already been achieved over the entire 2019-2020 financial year (493.4 million euros) lay. ”.

Direct consequence: On Friday morning, the LDLC stock markets recorded a historic rise to 58.40 euros thanks to a plus of 14{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118}. According to Les Echos, one of the best performances on the Paris Stock Exchange. This achievement is particularly due to the acquisition of the Top Achats site in April 2020 and to the health crisis itself, which boosted sales of computer equipment through the proliferation of teleworking.