Spaces. Canceled your trip abroad, they take over a hotel complex


They wanted to travel to South America, but eventually returned to their home region. Emma Fournel and Thomas Laurier are now at the helm of the Domaine de La Plagnette (a restaurant, hotel, guest house and seminar room) in Les Salles, but ten months ago they were almost 11,000 km away, wishing to travel two years .

The couple moved often

The couple will be in Uruguay in March. He has just spent three months at a Relais & Châteaux, a hotel and restaurant run by a renowned French chef. The idea is to make some money before you travel. “Its been almost ten years since we worked with Thomas on restoration. We wanted to change the scene and especially to visit several South American countries, ”explains the native of Saint-Étienne.

In mid-March everything will be ready for your journey across the continent. But the aftermath of the health crisis is making them change their minds. 'Seeing Peruvians masked would have spoiled the authenticity,' they say. They therefore returned to France on May 1st.

'I have a family house here'

“When we leave the first detention center, a neighbor tells us about this property for sale,” recalls Emma, ​​who knows the area well. 'I have a family house here, my great-grandfather bought it in 1938'.

The couple first learned of the propertys sale, but nothing more. Those who want to travel are afraid of being bored if they take it back.

'We never stayed anywhere for more than a year,' says Emma. The idea of ​​recovery then stops there. You should know that in the last ten years you have multiplied the experiences in several stars in the Rhône, Drôme, in Paris, but also on the island of Reunion or in Spain.

Hunger for geographical and cultural discovery

Time goes by. At the beginning of summer, the two want to master a sporting challenge and need geographical and cultural discoveries. Emma and Thomas will therefore be on their way to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle in France in 35 days. The opportunity for them to discover regions. Then think.

The couple wanted a joint project and started it independently. He had had enough of the '90 hours paid 1,200 euros'. In the Domaine des Salles, the furnishings of the restaurant, the management of the hotel, the seminar room and the reconstruction of one of the two accommodations were all designed to reduce the fear of boredom.

Some time after her return from Saint-Jacques, she was convinced by the companys price drop. The couple settled in this area on December 8th and embarked on an adventure different from that of all of South America.

'We are very optimistic when we see customer inquiries'

Stone buildings, a pond, all surrounded by hills and forests. An environment that charmed Emma and Thomas at the head of the La Plagnette estate and includes a restaurant, hotel, guest house and seminar room. 'Being isolated appealed to us,' explains Emma. Then we stay close to the motorway, there is an exit right next to it. “When the location is a little out of the way, the couple are optimistic about their activities, especially given the evolving take-away sales. The restaurant room is under construction, but the kitchen is running. Just like the hotel. Winter and snow can be scary if they block access, but theyre calm. “The town hall clears snow easily”. Snow is synonymous with positive. “As soon as it snows, the hotel is full. Customers come to the area to go tobogganing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing ... '