Loire. The CGT denounces the attitude of the Howmet Group at its plant in Montbrison


Howmet Fastening Systems, a supplier of precision mechanical parts for the aerospace sector, which belongs to an American group, employs 126 people at its Montbrison site. This is around 20{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} less than a year ago.

And since last December, nine of his employees have been affected by “dry” dismissal proceedings. The four-month reclassification deadlines are open to seven of them for which the Directorate (Regional Directorate for Enterprise, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment) has given a positive opinion.

The director of the Montbrisonnais site, Bruno Barsalon, stated in our columns at the end of November that the plant “has limited the number of layoffs to nine people in order to keep employment as much as possible and prepare for recovery. […] The system of collective conventional fractions (RCC) is not suitable. […] We have to adjust our costs to this new situation. '

Two selected CGT among the licensees

The representatives of the CGT at the France Group level refer to this strategy of site management, rather than borrowing from other legal provisions such as the RCI (Individual Termination) or the RCC. '' [Elle] chose the path of the American institution: dismissed immediately, ”regrets the union in a written statement.

Especially since the two people for whom the labor inspectorate has not yet issued an opinion are elected from the union and representatives of the local CSE. An act that the CGT equates with 'a clear message to want' [nous] Muzzle ”and“ a strong signal to other trade union organizations that would become too vengeful ”. The elected officials called on the groups European manager, warning that 'every recourse will be made to denounce such contempt and lack of consideration'.

When contacted, the company did not want to respond to the unions comments.