Gift vouchers of 55,600 euros sold by TCAP this year


The progress is overwhelming: 6,500 euros in 2017, 36,000 euros in 2018, 43,000 euros in 2019 and finally 55,560 euros in 2020. That is a total of 141,060 euros in TCAP gift vouchers (Tence - dealers - craftsmen - producers) which have been sold to the 58 members of the association over the years.

New companies, associations or committees have joined the movement, increasing their number to 50. You have selected TCAP vouchers for your employees, for a total of 48,900 euros in 2020. The remaining 6,660 euros were bought by individuals.

There are currently five points of sale where TCAP vouchers can be purchased: AC Coiffure, Électroménager Delolme, Le Thymallus Restaurant, Gamm Vert and Carrefour Market. With the months ahead likely to be economically disastrous, TCAP members will need help.

An idea germinates in the minds of the leaders and their President Franck Ribeyre: “Why not breakfast vouchers? “They could be used in any grocery store in the village. An idea to follow ...