Bill Gates advocates taxing the rich more heavily


Its a little piece of music rising as the ongoing health crisis rises: Asking the rich for tax efforts to help the economy. The American billionaire Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is one of the defenders of this idea. On Thursday morning in France Info he therefore estimated that regardless of the pandemic, 'the tax policy of the United States should be more progressive. We have the right to success, but we must also be taxed on our income'.

In its report published a few days ago, the NGO Oxfam also advocated an increase in taxes for the richest. Questioned the conclusions of their annual report: The great world wealth has so far emerged unscathed or even strengthened from the pandemic. According to the NGO, which relies in particular on data from Forbes and Credit Suisse, the fortunes of billionaires rose by as much as 3.9 trillion US dollars between March 18 and December 31, 2020.

In France, billionaires - including Bernard Arnault, the third largest fortune in the world after the Americans Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk - have 'earned nearly 175 billion euros' and 'exceeded their pre-crisis wealth'. . However, the government ruled out a tax hike until the end of its five-year term in 2022 to fund its costly plan to support the economy after the wealth tax was abolished in 2018.

Bill Gates 'worried' about conspiracy theories against him

On France Info this Thursday, the American billionaire also responded to conspiracy theories that concerned him: the introduction of chips in vaccines, the control of the WHO or even the emergence of the coronavirus. 'I am surprised and concerned about these claims. Nothing in my current and previous work suggests that I am involved in the introduction of microarrays into vaccines. With our foundation we want to give the vaccine to everyone and save vaccines that save millions of lives rescue.' he explains.

Bill Gates is deeply committed to promoting and funding vaccinations, especially in developing countries, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has already invested $ 1.75 billion in the fight against the coronavirus.

He was also vaccinated last week in the United States, where vaccination is open to those over 65. He is expected to have the second dose next month. 'Im very happy its my turn,' he commented.

'Most of the investment has to come from rich countries'

Bill Gates also believed that the world must prepare for the next pandemic now as it would prepare for war. 'We cannot afford to be unprepared again. The danger of the next pandemic will always hang over our heads - unless the world takes measures to prevent it,' writes the American philanthropist in a signed by his wife 'Annual Letter' Melinda.

$ 28 trillion
Bill Gates shows the estimated global costs of a pandemic

For the American, who is ranked among the three richest men in the world by Forbes magazine, 'the bulk of the investment has to come from the rich countries' because their governments are the ones who can win the most. In addition to the scientific investments that should make it possible to beat the Covid-19 pandemic and others that are imminent (diagnostics, vaccines, treatments, etc.), Bill Gates is also calling for the establishment of a 'global alert system that we dont have a major one today Scope 'in order to be able to identify epidemics as quickly as possible.