The large escalators of the Place des Archives have been dismantled


It is a new phase of work around Perrache on the side of the confluence that has just begun. And its about the large escalators that lead to the Place des Archives and that have allowed travelers to get from the Cours Charlemagne to the train station for decades.

The planned operation until March is to dismantle these three escalator levels, as they are no longer useful, and replace the elevator.

A staircase that breaks often

For a while, the operation controlled by SNCF Gares & Connexions would go almost unnoticed as the work would be carried out at night so as not to disrupt the traffic of the tram line.

This monumental staircase, christened 'Goldorak', has been preserved in the memories of Perrachois and its users as one of the most common and longest fallen and longest fallen structures. But not only.

These large escalators are optically surrounded by an imposing concrete portico and a gable that marks the time. A historic portico which, according to the planners, 'represents a strong visual urban element that signals the presence of the train station'. It is being preserved and renovated.