The antenna must be changed on Thursday


A complex situation for town halls denouncing 'the abandonment of rural areas'.

“We systematically came across answering machines and it took a long time because we didnt have a direct person to talk to,” explains Jean-François Chorain, Mayor of Marlhes.

'It is still unfortunate to be without television for two weeks in 2021,' he exclaims, seeing that the rural areas are being given up there. Unlike the national administration, the town halls had identified the cause of the problem (the Chaussitre relay antenna) but could not be heard by the National Frequency Agency, “where everything is centralized. ''

Pascale Rochetin, assistant to the town hall of Saint-Genest-Malifaux, multiplied the calls. Sylvie Bonnet, deputy to the deputy Dino Cinieri, is busy investigating the SIEL (Syndicat Intercommunal dÉnergies de la Loire). 'We spent a deplorable time there,' complains the Mayor of Marlhes.

'As town hall we dont have to do that because it is not our responsibility, but we are the only local people to talk to,' explains Pascale Rochetin, who cannot stand idly by in view of the desperation of the elderly. She says she is outraged by the response time, which she still doesnt understand. Jean-François Chorain explains that the situation was particularly difficult for the town hall secretaries, who face the impatient residents directly. 'We were helpless and people were angry,' he says.