Saint Etienne. No schedule changes at the Tarentaize Post


For Swiss Post there is no issue with the Tarentaize office ... or almost. “As part of the essential development of the postal network, the regional management regularly exchanges information with elected officials. A meeting was held last week with the municipality of Saint-Etienne to discuss the timing adjustments planned for the Tarentaize office in Saint-Etienne, which are foreseen in the territorial postal contract, ”said the regional management of La Poste.

“In this regard, the mayor is being asked to give an opinion, management adds. The latter is against any change in post times by the press. In this sector of Tarentaize there will be no change in time for the time being. ''

'Hold this spiral collectively'

“We see the La Poste group coming. The more restricted the opening times, the less the public can come and the less justified the opening of post offices is. I want to collectively get this spiral under control, ”said Gaël Perdriau on Monday evening at a request that was presented to the local council and approved by all elected officials.

The mayor of Saint-Etienne had previously published a letter addressed to the regional director of La Poste explaining the reasons for his opposition. “You justify this development by saying that users are using more digital resources. I do not share your analysis because the year we know cannot reflect a change in the consumption of services. Limitation and curfew alone justify this forced user development. Many of our fellow citizens, especially the elderly, have real difficulties with digital tools, ”said the mayor, who had his eye on the closure of post offices in Solaure, Monthieu or even in Côte-Chaude.

Global reflection is essential for La Poste

'Maintaining a high level of service in all districts of Saint-Etienne is a republican imperative that I must defend,' adds Gaël Perdriau in his letter: 'I already know that I will speak out against all cuts in the postal service and in the office. ' Closures in Saint-Etienne. ''

For its part, La Postes regional management recalls that 'it is essential that a global reflection can be carried out on the use of its services in the city of Saint-Etienne in order to allow its network to be adapted in connection with.' Changes in the consumption patterns of its customers ”.