Stop heavy vehicles from crossing the city


According to the latest information from the department in 2019, 709 heavy commercial vehicles drive through Nantua on the RD1084 every day. A ceaseless and loud ballet that torments the streets of the city. And that brings him nothing or almost nothing. The town hall has therefore decided to do everything possible to 'make the crossing of the city center unbearable for trucks,' says Mayor Jean-Pascal Thomasset and General Director of Services, Benoît Millet. So in the absence of a transit ban or an impossible downgrade, their plan is to upgrade the road network. “With baffles, shrinkage, stops. As in Saint-Jean-le-Vieux (RD36). 'This makes the loss of time for certain heavy-duty vehicles temporarily leaving the A40 to save a few euros, economically impractical. The city is still indulging in a few months of reflection. And intends to complete the operation by 2023.