Soccer. The richest clubs in Europe, including Paris and Lyon, will lose € 2 billion


The fact is: The coronavirus pandemic is bringing the finances of all sports clubs into the red.

As part of its annual Football Money League study, Deloitte attempted to measure the extent of damage in the accounts of the 20 richest football clubs in Europe.

And the conclusion is clear: if you take into account the revenue already lost for 2019-2020 (see below), the drop in sales should reach 2.2 billion euros by the end of the 2020-2021 season.

The indicators are not reassuring

Indeed, the cabinet is of the opinion that the financial health of the clubs will not improve in the coming months: on the one hand, because the income on matchday remains at a reduced level with the expansion of closed doors or meetings and on the other hand because of the break in their growth curve with the health crisis.

And the decline in income from TV rights should also continue, which further darkens the picture for the powerful of the European 'Big 5'.

The French clubs hardest hit

The top 20 with their locomotives FC Barcelona (1st with 715.1 million euros) and Real Madrid (2nd with 714.9 million euros) generated 8.2 billion euros in the 2019 season / 20 disrupted by the corona virus, a total of 1.1 billion euros over one year.

The ranking of the richest clubs

If Barça kept their first place, their lead over Real will have melted. The money generated by the Catalan club has decreased by 15{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} compared to 6{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} for its rival Madrid, which limited the break thanks to a surge in commercial income.


1. FC Barcelona (ESP) turnover of 715.1 million euros
2. Real Madrid (ESP) EUR 714.9 million
3. Bayern Munich (ALL) 634.1 million euros
4. Manchester United (ENG) € 580.4 million
5. Liverpool (ANG) € 558.6 million
7. Paris Saint-Germain 540.6 million euros
18. Olympique Lyonnais 180.7 million euros

The French clubs are the ones that have suffered the most from the final suspension of the championship enacted at the end of April. Paris Sain-Germain and Olympique Lyonnais have lost an average of 16{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} of their income, according to estimates by the British Cabinet.

The Champions League saves the day in Paris and Lyon

The Parisians, fifth in the previous ranking, are two places behind with a turnover of 540.6 million euros. The winnings related to your participation in the Champions League final, which took place at the end of August after the end of the financial year, will increase your income for the current year.

The Lyonnais, semi-finalists of the C1, have accumulated an income of 180.7 million euros and are in 18th place in the Deloitte ranking.

The cabinet notes that the decline 'would have been even greater' for the French if the professional football league had not received a loan guaranteed by the state to make up for the lack of television rights.

Two clubs increased their income

With the exception of the Russians from Zenit Saint Petersburg and the English from Everton, the revenues of all members of the European Top-20 fell in the 2019-2020 financial year.

The main loss of income:

Last season, the decline in top 20 earnings was mainly due to:

- a sharp drop in television rights revenues (-937 million euros or -23{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} over one year)
- Ticketing (-257 million euros, -17{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118}).