public meeting on February 3rd via video conference


The subject was enamelled in detail on January 14th in the council of the 2nd arrondissement. The Greens accuse the right-wing elected representatives of the 2nd of playing the game of 'political politics' and systematic opposition, while the others believe they have the right to an independent opinion. For this reason, they made a wish for Charlemagne to reopen.

On the one hand, Lyon’s mobility assistant, Valentin Lungenstrass, advisor for the 2nd, reminds of the saturation of the Montrochet-Charlemagne intersection and intends to use the end of the work on the bypass road T2 to introduce a pedestrian zone delimited by the shopping and Leisure center, the dock, the Hôtel de Région and the François-Mitterrand promenade.

A consultation

For this reason, the city of Lyon has started a study with the SPL Confluence as well as an Internet consultation and is offering a refund via video conference on February 3rd at 6.30 p.m.

To discuss the merits of this three-month experiment, they rely on the end of the T2 work (bypass area in front of the region), the opening of the west vault in spring, the needs of users and the weakness of the proportion of pedestrian zones in downtown Lyon in In contrast to Nantes, Bordeaux or Turin. Finally, they assure that the consultation will continue.

Delayed traffic?

On the other hand, the opposition mayor LR of the 2nd, Pierre Oliver, who interviewed the residents of the sector and received a majority of the unfavorable opinions. Of 458 responses (9,000 questionnaires), 71.3{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} are against. The elected officials of the 2nd have difficulty hearing that road traffic would have returned to normal at the start of this experiment, while teleworking continues in the tertiary sector of Confluence, to name just the region.

Like many residents, they fear the postponement of traffic on the Perrache quay, as vehicles coming from the rue Casimir-Périer or from the north of the Cours Charlemagne can no longer take the course. After all, they believe that Confluence already offers all common forms of mobility: on foot, by bike, car and bus.