how to organize a new containment


Redefine the French for the third time? The decision is still not being made, we assure the government side, which is waiting for the Health Council to speak on the issue Wednesday morning. But the question is already being asked: what can a third detention look like after the severe one in spring and the lighter one in autumn?

Senate President (LR) Gérard Larcher called to try everything before deciding on a third general detention. 'If there are no other solutions before the vaccination progresses, we cannot avoid it. But everything must be tried with interim measures. A full withdrawal would have very serious human consequences, especially in young people who are more and more in trouble,' he said in an interview with Figaro online on Sunday evening.

Conversely, it is for the infectious diseases specialist, Eric Caumes, 'better to lock up strictly for three weeks than to lock up gently for months,' he pleaded on Monday morning at RMC. However, this scenario is more difficult to look at from a political point of view, while economic actors are already moving to the front.

For companies

Medefs President Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux on Monday, like the national organization of chambers of commerce and industry, asked that all companies can remain open in the event of reintegration, as was the case with the EU fall during the second part of the containment. The decision was motivated by the end of year holiday approach, but what will be in the full sales period today?

'We demand the right balance, that we leave all companies open, that we do not fall back into this somewhat absurd debate about the essentials that we had in November,' said RMC the chief executive. 'We also want schools to stay open when possible. If they are closed, there is an economic impact. This restriction needs to be as short as possible. Some sectors are in agony,' he said. he adds.

Before him, Pierre Goguet, President of CCI France, the national organization of chambers of industry and commerce, had spoken out in favor of maintaining the opening of trade for economic reasons, but also because dealers were 'extremely morally affected'.

'It is absolutely necessary that we have economic activity that sustains,' he confirmed on the microphone at BFM Business, adding, 'If you put containment there, you kill the sale, one of the only valves' for dealers who have the option to 'sell their shares' - while sales are expected to continue through February 16.

Schools open or closed?

Should schools stay open in case of reintegration? For the government the answer is yes. At the moment, 'the situation allows school continuity. But we are vigilant,' said Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer to JDD on Sunday. 'I prefer the conditions that existed in November with open institutions, especially as we see a posteriori that our strategy worked,' continued the minister, before adding: 'All of our work is to avoid this hypothesis (d' a closure of facilities ', even if this remains conceivable in absolute need. The school remains of essential importance for our children.' The minister pointed out last week that 'we are not in a situation of explosion of contagion at school '.

For Dominique Le Guludec, president of the College of the High Authority for Health, 'schools must close last'. 'The children are preserved, they do not go to hospitals,' she justified this Monday morning on the France Inter microphone. If the schools remain open, the parents can continue to work.

In its latest opinion of 12 January, the Scientific Council believes that schools, colleges and high schools should not be closed unless new data is available to justify this measure. Very active and reactive monitoring among the students and teachers must be put in place, particularly to identify possible variations '.

The spread of variants needs to be measured more precisely according to a new 'Flash' poll scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. During its new lockdown to curb the spread of the English variant, Britain was forced to close its schools.

And for the February vacation?

The February school holidays start on February 6 for Zone A (Academies of Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon, Poitiers). The Ministry of Education hypothesized at the end of the week that the holidays in all zones would be extended by one week, in addition to extending the curfew to 6 p.m. from a new prison sentence.

It would allow for a fully closed session on February 20-27 and two locked doors by two-thirds of the population before and after, thus avoiding school closings.

Wait until the last few days to book your vacation

While the French are waiting for a government decision on a possible new hiring, they are cautious when organizing the holidays: 'We have about 50{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} fewer reservations,' said Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari this Monday morning. on franceinfo.

And for those who have already booked airline or train tickets for this period, the minister tried to reassure: 'We have asked the various airlines and the SNCF to ensure that the tickets are already purchased, are exchangeable, can be canceled up to three Days before departure for the SNCF '.

The minister 'advises the French to wait until the last few days to book. This was done this summer'.

For the February holidays - or at least for the beginning - it will be possible to go to the mountains but not to ski as the ski lifts will still be closed on February 1st. If you have decided to go abroad, be careful there too: Jean-Yves Le Drian, Foreign Minister, asked the French on Sunday not to go abroad except for an important reason (business travel), family reason, etc. .).

For its part, the European Union has also called for non-essential travel between countries to be avoided in order to counter the threat of new variants of the coronavirus, which considers the health situation to be 'very serious'.

Containing the spread of the epidemic and limiting its economic and psychological impact: the government is again faced with a balancing act. If 'the doctors role' is to 'preserve the health of the French' and advocate 'more restrictive measures', then the politicians job is to 'assess' the reintegration benefits / risks that have been claimed against France Number two in the Jordan Bardella National Rally, drawing attention to 'the social, economic and even now dramatic psychological consequences' for the French.