17 employees on the floor


The Sainte-Sigolène website is blacklisted. The closings and job cuts decided by the FDG (France Distribution Management) group. The company specializing in the marketing of non-food products for supermarkets and hypermarkets reserves the same fate for six more of the ten out of ten warehouses in France. That of Feurs in the Loire is not affected.

'No connection with the health crisis'

In the Harmony Jouet building in the Taillas industrial area in Sainte-Sigolène, the employees are amazed: “The ice bucket”, they testify. “In January, the management informed us of their wishes. A week later she announced our layoffs! ''

The toy specialist joined the FDG Group in 2016. He left his premises in Saint-Pal-de-Mons to rent them out in Sainte-Sigolène.

The Altiligérien logistics site will be removed from the map at the end of October after Douai (north), Belfort (Territoire de Belfort), Saint-Paul-les-Dax (Landes) and Coulaines (Sarthe)); Malesherbes (Loiret) and Brive (Corrèze). Of 717 employees, the group plans to part with 89 employees, including 17 in the Haute-Loire (plus two changes to the employment contract).

'The Covid-19 crisis is in no way the cause of all these layoffs: there has always been activity,' accuses Laurent Audrerie, union delegate Force Ouvrière FDG, allegations.

A 'super fully automated site' is under construction in the Loiret

“The aim is to increase productivity by creating a super fully automated site with 40 employees in the Loiret,” he explains. It is again the employees who will drink, but this time with the blessings of the state and the banks. ''

In a statement, the Association of Employees and Managers FO claimed that 'the FDG Group has decided to fund its layoff plan with taxpayers money through a guaranteed loan of more than 10 million euros, which is normally intended to help companies in difficulty'.

When the corporate management spokesman confirms that the company has not seen any decline in activity in 2020, he defends: “The EMP is a bank loan and is being repaid. Today the group is choosing to invest to improve its profitability. A building is currently under construction in Escrennes in the Loiret, near the Malesherbes site, which will create 44 jobs. '

The restructuring project will be presented to the Groups CSE (Social and Economic Committee) on January 26th.

Nobody likes a company that lets go of it without warning. Especially since the employees learned it brutally. I did not meet the leaders. I discover it like everyone else without being able to act

Dominique Freyssenet, Mayor of Sainte-Sigolène