Rhône. These Lyons are at the service of women suffering from endometriosis


Endoziwig.com is a free, individual health platform, the aim of which is to facilitate and shorten the treatment path for women with endometriosis. It was carried out by Ziwig Health, PME of Lyon 3e, in collaboration with many national experts on the disease. The platform presented this Thursday is ready for use. It is based on artificial intelligence. It is said to help in the diagnosis of this gynecological disease, which can not only be the cause of severe and debilitating pain.

An important point 'for economy and health'

Because if drastically reducing diagnosis time is a major problem, democratizing access to care in the territory is another. 'Ziwig enables the treatment pathway for patients with endometriosis to be launched wherever they live in France,' said Professor Lyonnais François Golfier, who makes an important contribution 'to the economy of health'.

'A digital revolution'

While it takes an average of 7 to 10 years to be diagnosed with endometriosis, Ziwig plans to cut that time down to 10 weeks. A “digital revolution” that makes it possible to guide patients to the right experts, but also to offer them coaching and personalized solutions on request.

Developed with private funds, the app required three years of research and development, which resulted in three patents. Access is also free for health professionals. The platform offers customized solution packages that are chargeable and can be partially covered by mutuals. The discussions are supposed to continue.