Pigsty. The “collector” shop, a hiding place for curiosity and passion


Gilles Gaffe, an antique dealer for forty years, moved to Orgelet in February 2019. His amazing shop arouses curiosity and despite the health crisis, the passion lingers.

How did you become an antique dealer?

“I have always been fascinated by old objects. I had an ancient uncle whom I followed in large salons almost every weekend. I did my first unboxing when I was 10 years old. My school career: CAP window designer, boules school, but also manufacturing and even modeling. All of these professions sharpened my appetite for work, items improving, clothing that complemented my passion for salvaging old items. This has been the case for forty years. ''

Why settle in the Jura?

“Because I discovered it a few years ago. Like everyone else, I have many experiences in my life, including that of a musher, which led me to take part in the Transjurassienne for several years. For family reasons I came to the Jura, which, with its lakes, suited my decisions. ''

How many different items did you collect?

“More than 40,000 objects are on display here, including around fifty pieces of furniture. I took advantage of the health crisis and the tightness to refine the work of my project and create a private museum of 18th and 19th century fashion: hats, combs, jewelry, ball books, face to face accessories, couture ... I have one very nice collection of clothes and accessories from this period that I have been collecting from individuals, collectors and others for about thirty years.

The collectors: 14, rue du Faubourg de lOrme in Orgelet. Phone. and on Facebook.