Lyon. Start-up Indy is recruiting 100 employees to deploy its accounting app on a large scale


With the procurement of 35 million euros from Singular, Alven and Kerala funds for its third fundraising campaign, the Lyon start-up Indy (ex Georges. Tech), which wants to establish itself in the niche as an alternative to auditors, see very good self-employed people Development prospects. With the accounting robot embedded in the app, which was developed by his start-up Côme Fouques, CEO and co-founder of Indy, “100,000 users within 19 months” are addressed.

The start-up plans to start in the USA in late 2021

“Our customers, self-employed, companies with 0 to 2 employees, who represent 93{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} of companies in France, can make their accounts and declarations very easily online for 20 euros / month through our app according to the standards of the tax administration for 3 to 5 times less while backed by a customer service of 35 people who respond via instant messaging. 'Underlines the 33-year-old leader.

This ESSEC Paris graduate is at the head of a nugget that was spun off in Paris in 2016 before building its nest in Lyon, “where hiring competition seemed less intense. 'Thanks to the € 35 million fundraising, Côme Fouques wants to expand its start-up quickly,' to be the alternative to the accountant, to be the ally of millions of independent workers. '

For this purpose, its start-up in Lyon is recruiting a hundred employees, salespeople, developers, product managers, customer relationship specialists, etc. In addition to providing its large-scale solution in France, the start-up in Lyon plans to launch its app in the USA by the end of 2021.