Lyon. Sales at Part-Dieu: It starts well


Small numbers of visitors, no longer in the La Part-Dieu shopping center this Thursday afternoon. So its not the madness of the big days for this second day of winter 2021 sales. Light years away from the crush we think of. Masks, gel, and distancing have compounded the phenomenon: sales that have been shunned due to private sales and multiple promotions, and that have been distilled year-round.

No queues in front of the shops

No line in front of the Primark store but usually crowded and especially during sales.

The heart is not there

Often times people walking through the mall do not have bags in hand. Like Sonia and a friend who wanders through the shelves of H&M: “I came before a video course. But I dont buy. The heart is not there, but the money is also missing. 'I am waiting for prices to fall further ...'.

'It starts well,' risks a saleswoman from the same store who wont say more. Sébastien Le Guillou, director of 19 stores in the area, including Bonobo, Cache-Cache, Moreteau and SLG, confirms: “Whether in my stores, luxury or not, in Confluence or elsewhere, its a shy start; This first Saturday will make the trend and the weeks to come very clear, but we can already say that the curfew hurts with a 20{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} loss in sales. Between that and the containment, the treasuries have a great success ... ”.

Internet sales

The managing director had no other choice than to offer digital services for his branches: 'It has become indispensable'.

The health crisis is causing internet sales to explode, and even more so during sales. The C&A brand is not mistaken: after the click and collect, the click and delivery, it was just launched, just before the sale, the call and the reserve, and the call and the collect. Everything is done to avoid the flow of customers as much as possible ...