Swear. There is no alpine skiing this winter. The resort of Les Rousses blames the blow


They thought they would not hear an official decision on Wednesday, January 20, as nothing had been announced when the Defense Council left. But the information that was so feared by elected mountain officials fell in the early evening and it was the Foreign Minister responsible for tourism who announced it: The ski lifts in the ski areas 'will not reopen on February 1st'. and the sector is moving towards 'a white season, a reopening in mid or late February that seems highly unlikely,' announced Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

'Disappointed, Defeated and Resigned'

'You tell me ...', responded the mayor of Les Rousses, who was contacted by phone by Le Progrès on Wednesday evening. Christophe Mathez does not hide that he expected it, but kept the secret hope that the decision would be different.

“What I cant understand is that were closing down skiing, but were letting people go on vacation (editors note if no new restriction is announced by then). Suddenly, like in the Christmas holidays, we will have people in the resort, but only cross-country skiing and sledding at the end of the slopes. People will pile up! '.

The Mayor of the Haut-Jura Resort is particularly concerned about the financial health of Sogestar, the management company of the Station des Rousses. Especially in the year in which the new Jura sur Léman ski area should open.

His operations manager blames the blow: “The profession is disappointed, defeated, but also resigned, admits Pierrick Amizet. We will fight for the Sogestar company to keep them afloat. With Domaines Skiables de France we will continue to put pressure on the financial support. And for the station des Rousses, we will do everything we can to make the February season as good as possible. May the Jura travel destination continue to awaken desire. ''

The measures to prepare the slopes in the event that the ski lifts reopen will be discontinued. Only maintenance work is carried out. Finally, the alpine ski passes paid mainly by local skiers should be reimbursed, as the general conditions of sale provide for a reimbursement if the slopes are open for less than ten days. Unfortunately, this will be the case this winter.