Loire. The Cartonnerie de lOndaine focuses on the environment


Cardboard is everywhere. From yogurt packs to shoeboxes, including the millions of packages delivered by major e-commerce platforms. The Cartonnerie de lOndaine production facility produced 74 million m² in 2019 for its main customers in the agricultural, food, medical and paramedic sectors. Customers are spread over a radius of only 200 km. Suffice it to say that the cardboard factory is a hit and doesnt really fear the crisis, as production 'dropped' to just 72 million m² last year, despite the two restrictions.

1.3 million were invested in the Andrézieux-Bouthéon location in two years

Noël Vial, director of the Forézien site, is extremely optimistic, especially since the company received FSC certification last year, which confirms that the manufacture of a wood product adheres to the procedures that ensure the sustainable management of forests.

Every day, dozens of trucks supply the site with huge rolls of recycled paper that come from northern France. A piece of paper that is then worked onto corrugated cardboard with a natural glue, consisting essentially of water and corn starch, to put the sheets together.

The environment is one of Noël Vials main concerns. “Many customers have been waiting eagerly for this certification, some for ten years,” he explains. Today there is a real awareness. This certification is also a plus that should allow us to enter new markets. '

And the Cartonnerie de lOndaine continues to invest. In 2020, € 600,000 was used to modernize the production line. This year, too, € 700,000 will be invested in improving the line and in using glue.

The Cartonneries de Gondardennes group, which specializes in the production of corrugated cardboard, consists of three locations: Les Cartonneries de Gondardennes in Wardrecques near Saint-Omer in Pas-de-Calais, the headquarters of the group in Lacaux Brothers in Bosmie-lAiguille near Limoges in Vienne and in the Cartonnerie de lOndaine in Andrézieux-Bouthéon.