les Gourmandines donated 850 euros to the Rêves association


During the end of the year celebrations, Céline and Marc Rullière decided to give Rêves, an association that helps seriously ill children fulfill their dearest wishes, a boost.

1 euro per log sold donated to the association

In their two pastry shops, Les Gourmandines (in Unieux, in Loire and in Aurec-sur-Loire), the traders have proposed a special operation. One euro for each trunk bought was donated to the association. 'We usually try to invest in charitable events, but this year we couldnt do that given the context,' explains Marc Rullière.

“That is why we decided to make our customers aware of this matter. The feedback was very positive and showed great interest. We thank them for helping to bring a little balm to the heart of a child. ''

So it is a check for 850 euros that was given to Jean-Yves Maitrias (Loire delegate from Rêves). With this, the young Yanis (8) can fulfill his wish: to visit Eurodisney as soon as the health restrictions are lifted.

To help Rêves: www.reves.fr