Imbroglio for a coteau bar tabac


Bernard Petit can no longer take it. The 67-year-old owner of the Bar-Tabac Le Renouveau in Le Coteau wants to retire. He had already planned to renovate the facade of the house in 2019 in order to sell it.

The then mayor, Jean-Louis Desbenoit, had prevented him from pointing out that the building was located at 7 avenue de la Liberation within the Carnot-Gambetta land surveillance area. And that the building was to be bought and demolished by Epora, the public body hired by the municipality to carry out these operations.

What the former mayor confirms. Bernard Petit then gave up when the period was cheaper and bites his fingers. In the meantime, he lost his wife a year ago. “Since then Ive run a very difficult business on my own, working 13 hours a day. I want to stop and withdraw as soon as possible. ''

'We have to sleep'

But he sees no offer to buy back his business: 'Were going to sleep'.

The Epora page indicates that land acquisitions are currently in readiness as long as the new municipality has not changed the town planning project planned on this island. Sandra Creuzet, mayor since last year, would like to set up a real estate program, but one that is less dense than the project planned by her predecessor.

Another difficulty, the public entity Epora, states that it generally buys the goods as soon as they are free and does not buy the business assets. As an exception, he can pay termination compensation.

The community refuses to buy the business

To get out of this impasse, the business owner turned to Mayor Sandra Creuzet, whose candidacy he supported during the campaign, to apply for a takeover of the business. However, the mayor, who understands his need, declined as it is not up to the Costa Ricans to fund the purchase of a business. Sandra Creuzet wants to provoke a meeting with Epora 'so that he can put money on the table'.

It also mentions the alternative option of relocating the business which could then be sold. Another solution would be to change the scope of the land surveillance and foreclose the building in question so that Bernard Petit can sell his business, of which he remains a prisoner.

Because he doesnt want to quit without improving his background like he could have done 2 years ago. And despite his health problems, he continues to open up and hopes to get out of this inseparable situation as soon as possible.