Podcast. Its time for Gratton and his first guest: Émilie Legoff


News, good mood ... 'Its time for Gratton', the podcast that meets entrepreneurs from Lyon.

First edition and first guest for Marie Esquelisse and Vincent Rocken, the hosts of this new event designed to get entrepreneurs in the Lyon region to talk about their business, but also about their beliefs, their struggle, their dreams ...

Sparkling! Sometimes confusing, but most of all impressive with her ability to work and her altruistic commitment, Émilie Le Goff, founder and director of the Lyon-based company Troops (publisher of personal software), is the first guest on the podcast 'Its Time for Gratton' ' .

In her apartment in Lyon, Émilie Legoff received Marie Esquelisse and Vincent Rocken. Time to report on her life as an entrepreneur with her successes, disappointments and recoveries.

She gives in to uncompromising questions from Marie Esquelisse, entrepreneur, and Vincent Rocken, journalist at the editorial team of Le Progrès.