Metropolis of Lyon. They demand a fair price for the producers


Peaceful action for young farmers (JA) of the Rhône and the departmental association of agricultural unions (FDSEA 69). This Wednesday, January 20th, four members are mobilized in the early afternoon to defend producers remuneration. The destination of the day: the Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon store of the hard discount chain Aldi.

The German brands advertising campaign before Christmas, which the mobilized farmers hardly appreciated, was called into question. 'They say,' We can think that a more expensive product is better, we could be wrong ', while we have been fighting for years for fair remuneration for our French producers,' defends Damien Giroud-Bouton, Secretary General of the JA du Rhône and dairy farmer in the Lyon mountains.

The request for discussion with management was unsuccessful. The farmers then collected the prices in the store. '€ 23.30 per kilo for a beef steak, thats right,' says Élise Michalet, General Secretary of the FDSEA and breeder of beef cows in Saint-Genis-les-Ollières. About 5.30 € should go to the manufacturer. After the breeders gave some good and bad points about where the food came from, they left the store without a wave.