Lyon 5 .. At the lower ports of the Saône, the small car disappears under the waves


This Tuesday, Le Progrès on Twitter reiterated the Lyons attention to this little blue car parked in the low ports of the Saône on the right bank and going from Saint-Paul to Vaise, where it is currently forbidden to park your vehicle. Witnesses of the slow immersion of this Quai Pierre-Scize parked by Citroën C3 have been commenting on the unusual scene since Saturday.

There was the city policeman watching the scene. The mechanic claims, 'Given the muddy puddle that comes up almost to the level of the seats and the fact that insurance may not take responsibility, this is a wrecked car and it will sting.' Another added: “The muddy water had to flow through the exhaust pipe to enter the engine. It is dead. ''

25 cm in 24 hours

In the yellow vigilance level 2 as part of the Orsec plan, the Saône, whose river is currently impressive, continues to rise. So she gained 25 cm in 24 hours between Sunday and Monday.

While the decline isnt for now, the car appears to be holding on this Wednesday and resisting the waves. The water level now reaches the bottom of the mirror.