In 2020, he made twice as many savings


The Livret A, an investment widespread in France, achieved twice as many savings in 2020 as in 2019 and achieved a net amount of 26.4 billion euros, the Caisse des Dépôts announced on Wednesday.

In December alone, after the very strong collection of the previous months, especially at the beginning of the year, around 840 million euros net were deducted in the weeks of imprisonment in connection with the outbreak of the Covid 19 crisis.

Success amidst the uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus

The Livret A is considered a safe investment and guarantees a historically low interest rate of 0.5{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} per year. 2020 saw historic success in the context of economic and health uncertainties related to Covid-19, especially in contrast to the significant withdrawals in life insurance contracts.

55 million French have a Livret A.

The Sustainable Development Booklet signed a net fundraising campaign of just over a billion euros in December, bringing the total amount harvested over 2020 to 8.8 billion euros LDDS, twice as good as in 2019, where 3 , 9 billion euros had been collected.

At Livret A and LLDS, 35 billion euros were saved

Livret A and LDDS achieved net sales of 35.2 billion euros in 2020, compared to 16.6 billion euros in 2019. This marks their second-best annual fundraising campaign after the 2012 record of 49 billion euros. Euro.

Livret A is managed jointly by the Caisse des Dépôts and the banking networks and is mainly used to finance social housing, while the LDDS is dedicated to the social and solidarity economy and energy saving in housing.

In total, the outstanding savings in the two savings books at the end of December 2020 amounted to 448.3 billion euros