What will change for the evening markets?


In consultation with the dealers, the opening times of the afternoon markets will therefore be brought forward. All end-of-day markets (1) now start at 1pm, with the exception of the market in Place Carnot (2pm, Wednesdays). Traders who do not have the option to be present from the start have the flexibility to set up later

“Municipal services and dealers have to be agile in this time of strong constraints. Since the beginning of the health crisis, they have been fighting to make fresh, local and high-quality products accessible to as many people as possible while defending an entire local economy. We are working with them to put in place innovative systems with which they can keep working, ”explains Camille Augey, Deputy Mayor of Lyon, responsible for Employment and Sustainable Economy.

Restaurant owners have the right to settle in the markets

For restaurants that have not yet reopened, a call for applications to caterers and restaurateurs will be published in the coming days so that they can temporarily settle in the citys 33 markets. This corresponds to a total of 69 places. They can offer their dishes for sale on site in the markets or in Click & Collect.

1- Ilôt Louis Loucheur market (9th Lyon) on Fridays, Place Abbé-Pierre market (9th Lyon) every Tuesday, Victor Augagneur market (3rd Lyon), every Thursday, Fourcade market (7th Lyon ), every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., Ambroise-Courtois organic evening market (Lyon 8th, every Wednesday), farmers market - Carnot (Lyon 2nd).