Strike at Notre Maison nursing home to protest working conditions


Management difficulties, a collapsed social dialogue in the social and economic committee of the structure, resignations and cascading sick leave, for this the CFDT and CGT unions of Notre Maison, the reception center and the hospital facility elderly depend on flavors. The dissatisfaction manifests itself on the spot this Monday morning in the form of a strike in which around fifty people take part.

'We can no longer negotiate,' says Nadine Maire, the representative of the CFDT union of the structure. “We have great planning difficulties. In 2020 alone, the HR manager signed two hundred fixed-term contracts. People dont stay. She has just resigned herself. And the Covid doesnt explain everything. We are asked to implement projects without receiving the funds. The labor inspectorate came recently. Management was advised that it was being ignored. The employees are fed up ”.

Jean-Louis Delorme, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Notre Maison, was contacted by phone by Le Progrès and stated that he was aware of these difficulties.

“But I will remain in my position as President: Our concern on the Board of Directors is the residents. After that we have a director who is responsible for implementing our decisions. “According to Olivier Arnal, it is the Covid crisis that makes social dialogue more complex. “The climate is fearful and we saw a very large cluster in December (note: 105 out of a total of 140 affected residents). Everyone is upset but things are being managed as best they can. '

The director assures us that 'despite' many sick leaves 'we are working to restore the situation'. “There is a before and an after Covid. The organization of communication in this context is very complicated. In particular, however, we are trying to improve user-friendliness. You have to adapt from day to day ”.

There is a meeting between trade unions and management.