Haute Loire. A sports trainer who specializes in stroller gym in Sainte-Sigolène


What do you offer as a sports trainer?

“I make myself available to people who want to get back in shape, lose weight or prepare for their physical condition. My specialty is to individualize the sessions and adapt them to the wishes and goals of my customers who cannot motivate themselves on their own. Of course I adapt to the demand. ''

Whats your specificity?

“I offer a stroller gym. ''

This means ?

“During my training, I worked with midwives to develop sports programs that are tailored to pregnant women and mothers who want to return to sports immediately after giving birth. ''

What are your degrees

“In 2015 I received a master’s degree from UFR STAPS in Dijon, specializing in sports professions. I also have a national water safety and rescue certificate. I then founded my company Sam Fit as a sports trainer in Dijon in 2016. ''

Sport occupies an important place in your professional course ...

“In fact, I can help in various disciplines such as water sports, cycling, running, triathlon and of course football. I am a fan of OM. ''

Has the health crisis affected your business?

“Unfortunately, my sales in 2020 fell sharply. Although I can take courses via video conference, the health crisis has had a negative impact on my work. ''

How did you get to Sainte-Sigolène?

“I have a family that lives in the area. The landscapes of Velay appealed to me and my wife. That changes us from Burgundy. My wife and I come from the great south. ''

For more information: by email to [email protected] or by phone at or on Facebook samfit21