an expansion project to develop activities at Albert Service


At the invitation of Pierre Drevet, Christophe Bazile, President of the Loire Forez agglomeration, accompanied by Jean-Paul Forestier, Deputy Vice-President for Economy, visited two companies in the city that wanted to expand. Albert Service has been in business since 1975. Patrick Albert initially developed a purely agricultural activity with a sales area of ​​250 m². A few years later, in 1990, it included supplies and cleaning equipment, then industrial and hydraulic supplies. After two extensions in 2002 and 2009, the currently covered area comprises 1,000 m² and combines three areas of activity and a self-service shop.

A team of ten people

The customers (professional and private) come from around 100 km. The company repairs washing stations, supplies industrial gas, and performs hydraulic repairs on site. The team consists of 10 people, Emilienne and Jean Benoît, Patricks children, are now in business.

An extension of 500 m²

In order to develop the activity, they are planning to expand by 500 m² to add an overhead traveling crane, which is required for the branch of service they wish to develop.