Rhône. Prime Minister Jean Castex received in Lyon City Hall


Grégory Doucet instead of Bruno Bernard, EELV President of the Métropole de Lyon. Could it be that the mayor of Lyon appeared against the flood of several opponents of the government who fell to arms length in the sluggish path that began the vaccination campaign? Grégory Doucet recently urged his colleagues to work together instead of arguing.

In general, it is an open secret that the prefecture works more successfully with the city of Lyon than with the metropolis, including on security issues.

When Jean Castex announced that he had come to Lyon, he relied on the Prefect of Mailhos, all the more because the two men know and appreciate each other.

When the Prime Minister was Mayor of Prades, Pascal Mailhos was Prefect of Occitanie. Their friendship also stems from the 'Var' period: Pascal Mailhos was Secretary General of the prefecture at the time and Jean Castex, its director for social cohesion.

It is also planned that the two men will exchange ideas by having lunch together in the prefecture before the last planned stop at the Hotel de Region. Pie crust is provided as a starter in honor of Lyon and its gastronomy.

Laurent Wauquiez this afternoon

The Prime Minister, who met Laurent Wauquiez, the President of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes in the Allier this Saturday morning, will meet him this afternoon to sign a regional recovery plan for the region of 2.1 billion euros for 2021-2022 .

In the Allier, Jean Castex took the opportunity to return to criticism from several elected officials regarding the governments vaccination strategy.

'All our energy is mobilized to fight the health crisis. It is my priority,' said the prime minister, who calls for 'only a compass', the general interest and not the political disputes. A message to many, including Laurent Wauquiez, who until then had been harshly criticizing the governments strategy.