Driving is a breath of fresh air for young people


How did you get through 2020?

“It was a paradoxical year because we got off to a very good start in January and February before we were blocked for more than two months. We maintained the link via videos. In the summer everyone came back, they remained loyal. We dont have too much to complain about. Thanks to state aid and partial unemployment, we passed the course. ''

What about exams?

“During the second detention, we were able to introduce the candidates, but we couldnt train them. This was problematic as the final hours before the exam are essential. ''

How is the class going?

“The hygiene protocol is available: cleaning the vehicle before and after each session, mask mandatory during the entire session. The code, on the other hand, is only created remotely: it is paradoxical compared to schools which in turn welcome students and a flaw for the driving school. ''

In which daily slots do the lessons take place?

“The driving lessons start Monday at 8 am through Saturday at 2 pm. We closed at 8 p.m. in the evening. The 6 p.m. curfew is a problem as the schedule for the frequently requested 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. window is full for many weeks. ''

What is your visibility for 2021?

“Its month after month. The exams were relatively late. The government services played the game to allow the license a little more presentations every day. ''

We say depressed young people, do you feel that?

“Coming to her driving lessons is a breath of fresh air for her. You are happy to be there. This strengthens the social bond. Additionally, they are very disciplined when it comes to wearing a mask. ''