Loire. Help for local trade in Saint-Genest-Lerpt: the operation ends


The local business support operation 'My Rewarded Lerptian Purchase' is coming to an end.

After the proof of purchase was collected in local businesses by December 31st under the regulations developed by the City Hall, now is the time to collect the 10 euro vouchers that will be used for all purchases made in the city’s shops should .

It is recalled that the regulations allow a single voucher of 10 euros per store.

20,000 sales receipts distributed by dealers

The city councilors take turns in the town hall to check the proof of purchase and convert it into vouchers.

It should be noted that the final panel discussion will take place this Saturday, January 16, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the town hall of the City Council Chamber.

20,000 proof of purchase would have been distributed by Leerptian dealers, but it is a little early to make a rigorous assessment of this operation.

We can still say that it has attracted customers from all of the neighboring communities, which can already be counted as a success, especially since these customers have to return to the community to redeem their vouchers.

Some companies have received returns from this clientele who do not offer the same services in their community.